Are You Moving to Massachusetts – Maryland – Washington DC?

Are you considering moving to Massachusetts, Maryland, or Washington DC? Here are some interesting facts to help you make your decision.

Moving to Massachusetts:

  • Enjoy a nice warm chocolate chip cookie – the official state cookie of Massachusetts.
  • Learn about the history of our country on a tour through Colonial Revolutionary Boston.
  • Root for one of the 4 major sport teams – Red Sox (MLB), Celtics (NBA), Patriots (NFL), and Bruins (NHL)

Moving to Maryland:

  • Take advantage of the convenient commuting options this state offers.
  • Spend the summer relaxing by the Chesapeake Bay or hiking through the mountain trails.
  • Travel Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail visiting dairies from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore.

Moving to Washington DC:

  • Tour the many historical and political landmarks DC has to offer.
  • Feel lucky about having access to some amazing entertainment venues such as the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Get a job at some top companies like Marriott, Amtrak, and XM Radio – all companies that have their world headquarters in DC.

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