Tips for Unloading and Unpacking After Moving

By Chad Bennett for

Congratulations! Finally moved in to your new place, you’ve already done three quarters of the job, and you’re now at the home stretch. At first glance, it may look overwhelming but there are three components to keep in mind: Stay organized, stay in control, and delegate the task. Keeping these components in mind, the moving process is sure to move along smoothly.

Focusing on one room at a time will allow you to complete smaller task instead of attempting to do every piece of the house at once. Organizing boxes and furniture will help you decide which room you might want to conquer first. Clearing out each room prior to unloading will help you place things properly without clutter building up and inevitably making it hard to unpack.

Make it easy on yourself by getting the large and heavy items unloaded first. Unloading the heavy items first while your energy levels are high will allow you to place them exactly where you want them belongs.

Take a break! Finally you’ve unloaded all the heavy items and although you want to get the entire unload finished, it might be time to take a quick break and grab something to eat or drink for yourself or those helpers. Pizza, paper plates, paper napkins, plastic cups, and a bottle of water can make for an easy cleanup and quick meal.


Everything has finally been unloaded and now it is time to unpack. Keep all of the previous rules in mind from unloading.  Stay organized, stay in control, and delegate. While eating breakfast, begin to write up a list of the most important things that need to be done first. Some of these may include:

  • Hooking up major appliances, such as the dishwasher, washer and dryer, refrigerator (if it hasn’t been hooked up already), etc.
  • Decide which rooms to tackle first
  • When you plan to take a break
  • Plan the night’s dinner

You’ve completed your list for the day and now it is time to get to business. There is one important stipulation during the unpacking period and that’s staying organized. Don’t let empty boxes and packing supplies build up (the last thing you’ll need is more clutter), squash (or nicely fold up) the boxes, throw out the packing paper and wraps, and put the unpacked items where they belong (it’ll be nice to not have to blindly look for it later).

Packed some items you realized that you don’t really need? It’s never too late to throw out those items that you haven’t used in forever. This is a great opportunity to set those items aside and either give away or dispose of them. Whichever you decide, clearing it out the way only makes room for you to finish what is important, unpacking.

Take a final inventory of all of your belongings and compare it to your initial inventory to make sure that nothing was lost. For any broken or damaged items, keep them on hand as proof for any insurance claims.

Most importantly during this process is to make sure you take a break. Good luck unloading and unpacking after your move!

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