The Streets Go Social: Read and Rate Neighborhoods with Block Avenue

blockave_brand_tagWhen it comes to moving to a new neighborhood,we may not be sure how good or bad of a neighborhood we are moving to. Sometimes reviews from family and friends can be a little skewed based on personal experience. Everyone’s personal taste in quality of life can be different when it comes to selecting a neighborhood for your first home.

Consider yourself lucky if you found the perfect neighborhood but for those who have been burned before, there is a new site that will help you make a better decision before moving in to your new home; its called

BlockAvenue is a startup company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts that allows users to discover and rate communities no matter if you are visiting, moving or searching for the best bar in a certain area. Similar to’s platform, the reviews come straight from people just like you.

Founder, Tony Longo set out to create a place where you can truly get an idea of what a neighborhood is like minus the fluff. Longo said:

“BlockAvenue originally came to life for me when I was moving to NYC back in 2009.  The lack of transparency in the real estate renting/buying process was still shockingly non-existent.”

“So, whether you were traveling to a new neighborhood or city or looking to plop down a million bucks for a one-bedroom in SoHo, you could pull up factual, unbiased information to help you make a better-informed decision regarding “location.”

BlockAvenue is a great tool for anyone looking to get the “real deal” on a neighborhood. BlockAvenue will show you restaurants, schools, sex offenders in the area, and transportation options and much more. This new travel mate will definitely make the transition easy if you are moving, visiting, or looking to interact about information on a community.


BlockAvenue will be releasing a mobile app version on iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms in the near future.

BlockAvenue c/o Dogpatch Labs
1 Cambridge Center, 6th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02143
(408) 461-7970

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