The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Moves

Kim Zolciak  of The Real Housewives of Atlanta finally parted ways with the townehome she lived in for five years in the swanky area of Atlanta called Buckhead.

Before giving birth to her baby boy KJ, Kim and Kroy Biermann¬†decided to move in to a plush $5M mansion in Northern Atlanta in which Kim calls it her “Dream home”

In this episode, Two Men and a Truck were featured helping Kim move items from her storage unit on to the moving truck. Kroy provided a helping hand to speed up the process possibly because he knew it was an hourly job and the clock was ticking.

It’s for certain that movers wouldn’t mind if you pitched in to speed up the process. It’ll help you save time and money and it’s another way to monitor the movers from scratching or breaking some of your precious items.

One thing that I admired watching this video is how professional and courteous the movers were. Would you help a moving company move your things to speed up the process? Tell us about some of your moving experiences?

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