The Hoarder in Us: Signs You Could Be Hoarding

If you are preparing to move, you are probably at the point where it’s time to throw some items out. You’ve been holding on to them for years without a proper explanation as to why. You have movers who need to throw things out because they are either downsizing or find it hard to just simply let go. Whatever the case is, most of us have a hard time releasing things that we believe hold sentimental value when in actuality, it doesn’t. Could you be hoarding and not even know it?

When you think of hoarding, you are probably thinking of a disgusting house filled with unsanitary things but that’s not always the case. Some people like to hoard books, make-up, mail and the list goes on.

The Mayo Clinic considers hoarding a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  If you are holding on to a few items, you may not exactly be a hoarder but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the symptoms.

Symptoms include:

  • Cluttered living spaces
  • Inability to discard items
  • Keeping stacks of newspapers, magazines or junk mail
  • Moving items from one pile to another, without discarding anything
  • Acquiring unneeded or seemingly useless items, including trash or napkins from a restaurant
  • Difficulty managing daily activities, including procrastination and trouble making decisions
  • Difficulty organizing items
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Excessive attachment to possessions, including discomfort letting others touch or borrow   possessions
  • Limited or no social interactions
Credit: Mayo Clinic Staff

By no means am I calling you a hoarder but do you have any of the symptoms above? If so, the fact of the matter is it could very well increase the cost of your move. I can’t help you with your symptoms of OCD but what I can do is give you tips on how to save money on your move.

If you are hiring a moving company for your next move, this may be the best time to try and get rid of some items that you have been holding on to forever. Whether it’s items from a past relationship or things you haven’t got around to throwing out, the time is now.  Here are a few items that can definitely be thrown away:

  • Old Clothing and Shoes
  • Old Paint
  • Dated Receipts, Paychecks, and Bills
  • Unread Books
  • Expired Medicines and Vitamins
  • Plastic Containers
  • Magazines
  • Makeup
  • Dated Technology, Including Old Cell Phones
  • Coat Hangers
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Baby Items

Getting rid of a few things will benefit you from a price standpoint as well as space in your new home. If you are not comfortable letting go just yet, look in to getting a storage unit to give you additional space in your new home. Movers could spend an additional hour alone moving your unused goods. Cost will also accumulate with packing, wrapping, and boxing as well. If you can let go of a few items, you could ultimately save hundreds of dollars on your move.

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