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Moving a Piano

Strike any key on a piano and you’ll get an unique, resonant sound. Try to move the piano without a professional and you’ll probably have an inimitable headache. Pianos are heavy and if you happen to drop one while you’re moving it, a replacement could cost you thousands. Avoid the hassle and look in to […]

January: Did You Know?

    Need more tips? Read our full list of Moving Tips and Guides. If you are looking for free quotes on your next move, it takes a few seconds to fill out our moving form and receive moving quotes from moving, storage, and relocation companies that can help make your move a pleasant experience.

Don’t Let Hurricane Irene Effect Your Move

By Chad Bennett for As Hurricane Irene steams up the East Coast, movers will be moving furniture, electronics and other important items in and out of homes due to flooding and hurricane damage. Although you may be going through a move during bad weather, keeping the home clean is important. Avoid movers trekking through your home […]

Tips for Unloading and Unpacking After Moving

By Chad Bennett for Unloading Congratulations! Finally moved in to your new place, you’ve already done three quarters of the job, and you’re now at the home stretch. At first glance, it may look overwhelming but there are three components to keep in mind: Stay organized, stay in control, and delegate the task. Keeping […]

Complaints About Moving Companies On The Rise –HOUSTON (KTRK) Complaints are on a rise about moving companies that are scamming consumers during the popular moving season. ABC13 reports on ways to avoid making mistakes during the moving process that could help you save money, time, and headache. Avoid the hassle of finding a moving company on your own. will help you find […]

Tips for Moving in the Summer

By Chad Bennett for Summer is finally here and it is a season for sunshine, BBQs, vacations, and fun filled outings. It is also the most popular seasons for moving. Don’t let the scorching heat keep you from completing your move. Keep cool during your summer move with these useful pointers:

Just Moved In, Whats Next?

By Chad Bennett for Finally moved in to your new place but there are some important essentials missing that are holding you up from calling it home. What if you need a new bed, couch, or dining room table? How can you manage to live in an empty to partially empty apartment or house? […]