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Moving a Piano

Strike any key on a piano and you’ll get an unique, resonant sound. Try to move the piano without a professional and you’ll probably have an inimitable headache. Pianos are heavy and if you happen to drop one while you’re moving it, a replacement could cost you thousands. Avoid the hassle and look in to […]

Moving Evicted Tenants is Big Money for Businesses

Associated Press NEW YORK — Property owners across the country bear a burden from the recession: paying a fortune in moving and storage costs to evict tenants who fail to pay their rent. But the owners’ losses are a boon for the companies that clear out homes. Their business has skyrocketed, “making money out of […]

Don’t Let Hurricane Irene Effect Your Move

By Chad Bennett for As Hurricane Irene steams up the East Coast, movers will be moving furniture, electronics and other important items in and out of homes due to flooding and hurricane damage. Although you may be going through a move during bad weather, keeping the home clean is important. Avoid movers trekking through your home […]

Atlanta Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg

By Chad Bennett for On Tuesday, the deal was finalized that would move the struggling NHL franchise Thrashers to Winnipeg next season.  Several attempts to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta were made but none of the offers on the table were serious.Co-owner Michael Gearon said: “I’ve been focused on trying to avoid this day, I spent […]

SCAM! Watch Out For Moving Bandits

  Never get scammed by a phantom moving company again. Video uncovers a story of moving bandits surfacing during moving season to scam people out of money by charging more than the estimate initially quoted and holding their items in the process. Looking for a legitimate mover? Here are some tips to finding the right […]

Soccer Star Carlos Tevez Moving On

By Chad Bennett for 27 year old, soccer phenom forward Carlos Tevez from Manchester City could possibly has decided to leave Manchester. Moving trucks were outside of his Manchester home which could mean his time as a soccer player in UK are over. When asked why he was leaving, Carlos Tevez said in Spanish […]