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Zipcar Launches Pilot for “zipvan” Cargo Van Service

By Chad Bennett for Zipcar, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZIP), announced on November 29, 2011 that they will be launching a pilot for full size cargo vans in San Francisco called Zipvan. Zipvan will allow consumers to use  cargo vans to transport large items that wouldn’t be able to fit in Zipcars. Zipvan will also provide […]

Oh No! Moving at a All Time Low?

Census Bureau reports that tough economic times means people aren’t moving. By Chad Bennett for The recession has taken a major toll on how citizens are spending their money. The market has gone through the trenches over the years leaving consumers hesitant to make major purchases and decisions including the option to move interstate and intrastate. […]

Don’t Let Hurricane Irene Effect Your Move

By Chad Bennett for As Hurricane Irene steams up the East Coast, movers will be moving furniture, electronics and other important items in and out of homes due to flooding and hurricane damage. Although you may be going through a move during bad weather, keeping the home clean is important. Avoid movers trekking through your home […]

Stalker Forcing Paris Hilton To Move Out Of Malibu Home?

By Chad Bennett for Paris Hilton  who recently encountered stalker James Rainford outside her Malibu home may be moving out. Moving trucks were spotted outside the home loading boxes onto a removal vans this past weekend. Rumors have already swirled that she might be moving out due to the stalker situation that she previously ran […]

Tips for Unloading and Unpacking After Moving

By Chad Bennett for Unloading Congratulations! Finally moved in to your new place, you’ve already done three quarters of the job, and you’re now at the home stretch. At first glance, it may look overwhelming but there are three components to keep in mind: Stay organized, stay in control, and delegate the task. Keeping […]

Atlanta Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg

By Chad Bennett for On Tuesday, the deal was finalized that would move the struggling NHL franchise Thrashers to Winnipeg next season.  Several attempts to keep the Thrashers in Atlanta were made but none of the offers on the table were serious.Co-owner Michael Gearon said: “I’ve been focused on trying to avoid this day, I spent […]

Soccer Star Carlos Tevez Moving On

By Chad Bennett for 27 year old, soccer phenom forward Carlos Tevez from Manchester City could possibly has decided to leave Manchester. Moving trucks were outside of his Manchester home which could mean his time as a soccer player in UK are over. When asked why he was leaving, Carlos Tevez said in Spanish […]

Just Moved In, Whats Next?

By Chad Bennett for Finally moved in to your new place but there are some important essentials missing that are holding you up from calling it home. What if you need a new bed, couch, or dining room table? How can you manage to live in an empty to partially empty apartment or house? […]