Stalker Forcing Paris Hilton To Move Out Of Malibu Home?

By Chad Bennett for

Paris Hilton  who recently encountered stalker James Rainford outside her Malibu home may be moving out. Moving trucks were spotted outside the home loading boxes onto a removal vans this past weekend. Rumors have already swirled that she might be moving out due to the stalker situation that she previously ran in to.

She explained: ‘Yeah I am scared. There’s so many crazy people out there… I’m always watching behind my back.

‘Especially when it’s your home and it’s your private space where no one’s supposed to come – you feel really violated.’

The Malibu home is believed to be rented for the summer and this weekend might have been the moving out party for  the 30-year-old heiress. Rainford who was arrested outside the house on July 4th was reported to be in front of the house looking inside the house before being confronted by Malibu Police.


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