Social Networks That Can Help Your Moving Business Grow

socialmediaToday, having a social network account is the next best thing to having your license and social security card in your wallet. Without it, your credentials and authenticity of your business are in question. Most businesses are making great use of social media; acquiring loyal fans, launching new products, and creating discussion around a specific product or service.

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As the most popular social networking site today with over 900 million active users and growing, your businesses presence is definitely needed on the Facebook. Facebook makes it convenient for users to interact from a home computer and on the go with Facebook Mobile. Additional benefits include increased visibility, real-time search, and SEO benefits that will display your business page on the search engine results page.

Facebook allows you truly to interact with your customer. You can post contests, giveaways, ask questions, and get feedback on your products and services. There is no mediator; it is just you and the customer. There is even an option to buy Facebook ads that will directly target your preferred audience. If you haven’t already, start a Facebook Fan Page today!


No matter if you are looking to generate traffic or simply inform the public that you exist, Twitter is a social platform that acts as a marketing department. Twitter is a real time platform that allows you to make quick updates of 140 characters or less. Tweet links to web pages, blog articles, or videos.

Twitter is widely used by businesses to engage in conversation related to the business, speak with existing or potential customers, and get feedback. Customers enjoy speaking directly to someone they can voice their concerns to without an answering service.

Overall, Twitter is a free service that offers moving companies cost efficient benefits. If you can successfully use twitter as a marketing platform, you will start to see your business grow, improve customer loyalty, and gain valuable connections.


The video curation platform better known as YouTube is more than just a network to watch funny videos or boy bands make their way in to the music industry. Businesses use YouTube to educate consumers in their respective industry, create brand awareness, and grow your audience locally and nationally.

YouTube has become the second largest search engine behind Google. The social platform provides great visibility in search engine results making it easier for users to find you. Your online presence adds positive value to the authenticity of your business.

The power of YouTube makes it easy for you business to become overnight sensations. One video can change the way customers view your business. Show users that you are an expert in your industry; you’re personable, and available.


The growth of Google+ for businesses over that past year and half has grown tremendously. Joining Google+ adds another layer of social authenticity to your company that can only help your business grow. Probably the most intuitive of them all, you can integrate most of your Google Services in to the social platform making it extremely easy to go from one product to the next. Google plus gives you the ability to post links to articles, videos from Youtube, photos, and interact with users through community forums. You can add partners, customers, and competitors within specific circles. Also as a business, users can like posts, leave reviews, and share your information across the web ultimately giving you additional visibility.

Circles allow you to target certain information to specific groups. For example, if you have circle called “Promotions”, you can post to users who are interested in promotions from your business. You can create as many circles you want and direct content how you see fit.

Want to give your customers a face to face option? Similar to Skype, Google+ allows businesses to create Google+ Hangouts where you can moderate group video chats or one single video between you and another user.

The best part about the aforementioned social outlets is the ability to share, cross promote between networks, sells for you 24/7, and it is FREE!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you plan to stand out from your competition?
  • What steps are you taking to outperform the competition and how will prospective customers know?

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