Self-Service Movers On The Rise

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Self-service movers let you handle the easy part

When you’re starting to plan your move, the thought of moving all your belongings on your own can seem overwhelming. If you have considered hiring a professional mover, you are even more concerned about the cost and additional hidden fees that could come along with hiring a professional mover. Looking at both options, it can make you feel like you have only two options.

If neither option sounds appealing, a new form of moving call self-service has grown in popularity thanks to its common sense approach. With self-service movers, you pack your belongings and they do the hard driving.

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All There is to Know about Self-Service Moving

Does self-service moving sound too good to be true? It’s definitely a great solution if you want to cut down on expenses and labor. Moving at your own discretion works best in certain situations. The idea behind self-service moving couldn’t be easier. You never have to worry about items missing or being broke because everything was packed, loaded, and locked by you.

After you’ve made arrangements with a company, they drop off a large, weather-resistant crate (or two, or three, depending on your needs) in front of your home. You pack your things inside, lock the crate up and the company’s truck comes to whisk it away. Once you’ve arrived at your new place, the company drops off your crate and you start unpacking.

What Do You Need For Self-Service Moving

The big question people ask is how much can you fit in one crate? Crate sizes vary by companies, average moving crate can hold about 3000 lbs. However, depending on how much you spend on gas, tolls and other expenses, going with self-service could be the cheapest of your three options. Some amount of insurance coverage is factored into the price of your self-service move as well, though more is often available if you’re moving valuables.

Benefits of Self-Service Moving

If finances are tight and you are looking to save on hourly costs of a moving crew, choosing to use a self-service moving company is the best option. Generally, making your move with a self-service company will be less expensive than hiring a full-service mover and slightly more expensive than doing it with a U-Haul. The price of a self-service mover is assessed by the number of crates you use, length of time needed, and how far you need them to go.

In the end, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. If you go with self-service, you won’t have to worry about your rental truck breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and because all your belongings are in a single box, they’re much less likely to be mixed up with other shipments, lost or damaged.

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