Self-Driving Moving Trucks Coming “Soon”

If you were watching a movie about the future you would not be surprised to see a “self-driving” car. Press a few buttons, speak a few commands, and your car will move on its own, steer on its own, turn on its own, navigate on its own…letting you, the driver, enjoy the ride. Automakers around the world are working toward producing a road ready self-driving car. Nissan has even promised a consumer self-driving car by 2020. But what about the moving and trucking industry? Will movers performing a long distance move be able to snooze away while their truck drives itself? Well, some predict that self-driving technology will also eventually reinvent the commercial trucking industry.

While consumer automobiles will get this new technology first, commercial trucks will follow close behind. The U.S. military has already experimented with self-driving truck technology and is working with regulatory agencies and truck makers in order to lower the costs of creating a viable and safe self-driving truck. Ted Scott (director of engineering and safety at the American Trucking Associations) speculates that the cost benefits of using self-driving trucks will persuade the moving and trucking industry to eventually adopt this technology when it becomes available. But he also doesn’t know for sure when this technology will be ready for mass use. The near future is too soon and the distant future is too much of an unknown to give an accurate prediction.

But either way, regardless of when it make its mass market debut, self-driving technology will revolutionize both the consumer and commercial markets in a significant way.


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