Scott Disick of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take NY’ Buys Piano

By Chad Bennett for

On the last episode of the Kourtney and Kim Take NY, Scott Disick walks by a piano store and sees a grand piano that happens to cost around $1.2 that catches his eye. While in the piano stores, Scott decides to make an impulsive purchase on a Steinway Baby Grand Piano that will be moved in to their home.  Scott states having a piano in New York is a representation of wealth and proceeds to whip out the infamous American Express Black Card to finalize the purchase of a brand new piano.

As Scott’s  first impulsive buy on the show, no one would ever think Scott would purchase a piano. Scott  said

“I didn’t buy a piano to play it, I bought it because it looks nice in the house.”

Scott hires Piano Movers to move his expensive new purchase in to their Hotel Gansevort temporary home in the Meat Packing District  in New York City. Scott proceeds to ask the movers if all they moved was pianos and the response was “All we move is pianos.” Scott’s shock of movers who specifically move pianos seemed to shock him. I’m for certain this episode made people aware that there are moving companies who only specialize in certain areas of  moving such as piano moving.

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