New White House Truck Fuel Efficiency Standards

The Obama administration has stated that it will propose tougher standards on the fuel efficiency of large trucks by March 2015. The chief motivators are the reduction of oil imports as well as the curbing of greenhouse gases. As a matter of fact, large trucks contribute to a disproportionately high percentage of carbon emissions generated by road vehicles – large trucks make up 4% of total vehicles but account for 20% of the greenhouse gases generated by them.

There are obvious concerns from the trucking industry. Linda Bauer Darr of AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) notes that the moving industry is made up of a lot of small business who struggle to remain profitable in the current marketplace. Adding new regulations will only force movers to spend money that they don’t have on costly equipment changes.

Although there are some incentives available to the movers to receive specialized support and expertise from the Department of Energy if they meet certain requirements.


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