Don’t Let Hurricane Irene Effect Your Move

By Chad Bennett for

As Hurricane Irene steams up the East Coast, movers will be moving furniture, electronics and other important items in and out of homes due to flooding and hurricane damage. Although you may be going through a move during bad weather, keeping the home clean is important. Avoid movers trekking through your home bringing in dirt and mud from the outside will help.

Not only can Hurricane Irene have a negative effect on your move, it’s bad weather all together. Bad weather happens all the time and it is a race against the clock between your pocket book and the moving company. With bad weather at your doorstep your move could take longer, making you spend additional cash or run the risk of damaging your precious items during the move. With that in mind, here are some steps you can and should take to keep you, your furniture and carpet dry.

Watch the forecast

Visit the weather channel and look at the 10 day forecast so you have a general idea of how the week will go. This will allow you to prep for the week ahead. As it gets closer to move day, check the weather again to see how the next three will look. Doing this will give you a better idea if you need to make adjustments on moving day. If it looks like rain, call your mover and see if there is a possibility to reschedule. Moving companies will be able to adjust depending on their schedule.

Keep your belongings safe and secure

Keeping your valuables safe during a move is the most important part. Yes, staying dry and not damaging anything inside the home is just as important but getting it out of bad weather comes first. Determine what items cannot risk exposure to water and pack those last. Doing so means it will be the first thing out of the truck and in to the home.

Visit your local carpet or hardware store to buy waterproof tarps to cover your furniture and electronics if you are dealing with the rain. When you’ve reached your destination, create a path from the moving truck to the entrance with cheap remnant carpet.  Make sure to create a path once you get inside because more than likely movers won’t be able to take off their shoes each trip. That would take time and we all know time is money when it comes to moving. If you prepare properly, you could be looking at a smooth move.

Inspect the moving truck

Not every moving truck is secure. Check with your mover to make sure the moving truck that has been provided doesn’t have any leaks. Inspect the outside and the inside of the truck to see if there are any visible wet spots. What looks like one water droplet can turn in to damaged goods.

Keep the movers comfortable

If you are keeping dry, take in to consideration the movers who are enduring the climate. After all, they are the ones making sure your items are safe and secure. Offer cold drinks if it’s hot and hot drinks if it’s cold, towels, and energy foods to keep them happy. Take in to consideration the weather conditions when you plan on giving them a tip.

Finally, keep a few towels around to wipe down anything and an umbrella close by. Have a safe and successful move!

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