Moving Tip of The Week – When Moving a Hot Tub, You Can Move it on Your Own, But Consider Hiring a Mover

So you have a hot tub that you need to move. I would strongly recommend hiring a professional to move it for you (the expense is worth not having to worry about moving a behemoth like a hot tub), but if you insist on saving your cash for something else and moving it yourself, here are a few tips you can follow.

  1.  Equipment: Make sure you have the right equipment – like a dolly and tow straps among other items.
  2.  Recruit: Get family and/or friends to help you. You will most likely not be able to move a hot tub on your own.
  3.  Disassemble: Disconnect all the functional pieces (such as the heater and plumbing unit).
  4.  Packing: Make sure everything is drained and adequately packed.

For a more thorough walk though on moving a hot tub, read here:

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