Moving Tip of The Week – Packing Moving Boxes The Right Way

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Having your movers do the packing for you has some advantages, but the biggest advantage of packing your own boxes is to save money. Moving in general is expensive, so saving a few dollars here and there can always help. But a common worry with packing your own boxes is that you just won’t do a good enough job. Here is a quick primer on packing your own boxes the right way:

  1. Group similar items in the same box. So don’t put pots and pans in the same box that you put your t-shirts. Keeping things organized will make unpacking much easier. Also make sure to put the heavier items at the bottom of the box so they don’t crush the lighter items that are in the same box.
  2. Protect your belongings with items such as bubble wrap and packing paper. Take particular care with valuable and fragile items. Always pack as if you know there will be an accidental drop.
  3. Fill your boxes up without over stuffing them. This can lead to your boxes splitting or opening during transport. You can also use extra bubble wrap or packing paper to take up the extra spaces in your box so your items don’t slide around while being moved.
  4. Seal your boxes up with heavy duty packing tape. And don’t forget to label each box!

Our full Packing guide can be found here:

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