Moving Tip of The Week – Know the Differences between a Moving Company and a Moving Broker

Brokers vs. Movers-Vector

Knowing the differences between a Moving Company and a Moving Broker can help save you from a headache down the road. While a Moving Company is a singular company that books and performs moves themselves, a Moving Broker is a company that helps book your move with another moving company that the have a partnership with (essentially a middle man).

Some risks of using a Moving Broker are:

  1. The mover they book for you may not be licensed.
  2. The moving quote they give you may be significantly different than the final cost the actual mover charges you.
  3. Their knowledge and experience regarding the ins and outs of moving may be substandard.
  4. They may let you think they booked a mover for you when in reality they were not able to find you one.

For more on the differences between Moving Companies and Moving Brokers, read here:

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