Moving Tip of The Week – Avoiding Roommate Problems with 4 Simple Steps

Avoiding Roommate Problems

At some point in all our lives, we need to live with a roommate (or roommates). If you like to live your life in a certain way – say, you always like the dishes cleaned – living with a roommate can cause you quite the headache. How do you deal with living with someone who doesn’t agree with your housekeeping habits? How do you deal with a roommate who is a filthy slob? How do you deal with a roommate who eats all your food? The examples are numerous and plenty. To avoid some of these issues, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Go With What You Know: Or in this case, “Who” you know. There are plenty of sites out there that can match you up with a roommate, but if you can help it, try to find someone who you know personally. And even if you know this person, make sure you still have compatible life styles.
  2. Stake Your Claim: Make it known at the outset what belongs to who, who is responsible for what, that the rules you want to live by. It’s important to agree on things like who takes out the trash, your dish cleaning rules, food ownership, toiletry ownership, and other chores around the house. Laying down this foundation immediately will help you avoid any confusion down the line.
  3. Personal Space: While it might not be possible, do your best to get your own room, even if it means dishing out more rent. There are plenty of problems to go around when you each have your own room. Start sharing a room and you add even more issues, like; Should we have a TV in the room? Where do the beds go? Who gets the closet? It’s much better to have your own space that you can control. You might need it if your roommate lets the dirty dishes pile up!
  4. Personal Life: This is similar to #2 in that you need to make it clear that your life is your life. Just because you share an apartment, it doesn’t mean your roommate is invited to every party you go to, it doesn’t mean that when you go to the movies you need to invite them, and it doesn’t mean that when you go on vacation your roommate can tag along. It might be hard to tell your roommate to leave you alone, but if they are smart, just don’t include them in your personal business and they should get the message.

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