Moving Scam Suspects Caught in the Act

The leaders of a suspected bogus moving company are finally under arrest after allegedly ripping off Texans for years.

The arrests of Andy Bueno, 33, and Anthony Fanelli, 38, two bogus movers who lead a suspected fake moving company had finally been caught after scamming movers in Texas for years. KHOU11 I-Team set up hidden cameras to catch the two men in action.

First, it promised a $39.99 hourly rate with no hidden charges, like the shrink wrap they used over and over again.

Better Business Bureau Undercover Investigator: “The wrap and all that they include that?”

Mover: “It’s in the move.”

After loading up the truck, movers jacked up the price more than $1,200 in addition to the $900 in shrink wrap that was mentioned as part of the move.

Once the I-Team refused to pay, Bueno, Fanelli and their moving team made off with their things.  Prosecutors said

“We’re talking about between $100,000 and $200,000 in loss of cash money and or property,” Turner said.

Bueno and Fanelli allegedly used at least a dozen different moving company names and preyed on consumers in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, as well as Houston.

“It’s just robbery, straight up robbery,” said victim Jindu Okwuwa, adding that the arrests should have come a long time ago. “But you know it’s better late than never.”

Harris County District Attorney’s Office currently lists 19 victims but suspect there could be close to hundreds across Texas. Currently, Andy Bueno and Anthony Fanelli  are in Harris County Jail on $370,000 bond.

Here are some steps you can take  to prevent being scammed:

  1. Check local address, license or insurance information
  2. Avoid a moving company arrives in a rental truck rather than a company-owned and marked fleet truck.
  3. The moving company demands cash or a large deposit before the move.
  4. The mover claims all goods are covered by their insurance.
  5. Mover charges a extremely low rate. If it sounds to good, it probably is.
  6. Get several in-home estimates from movers.
  7. The mover doesn’t provide you with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” a booklet movers are required by Federal regulations to supply to their customers in the planning stages of interstate moves.


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