Just Moved In, Whats Next?

By Chad Bennett for 123Movers.com
Finally moved in to your new place but there are some important essentials missing that are holding you up from calling it home. What if you need a new bed, couch, or dining room table? How can you manage to live in an empty to partially empty apartment or house? These are all very good and relevant questions. There are several things you can do to cope until you’ve gotten yourself completely situated.

Finding Something to Sleep On

If you’re still waiting on a bed and couches and have nowhere to sleep, don’t worry, there’s something you can do. Air Mattresses. These beautiful inflatable inventions are relatively cheap and pretty darn comfortable. They take a few seconds to inflate (most come with a pump) and you can go days before you need to inflate them again. The best part of these air mattresses is that once you’re done with them, let the air out, fold them up, and save them for a later date (maybe when you have guests over). Here’s a tip: using 2 air mattresses on top of each other is even more comfortable.

quick meals that help after moving in

Now that you’re on your own you don’t have the luxury of going downstairs and having your mom hand you a plate of food. No more buffets of food ready for you like you had in school. The hardest part now is knowing what you need. You know what you like but you never really had to buy it all by yourself. The best thing for you to do is buy only what you need for that day. After a week or two you should get a better idea of exactly what you’ll need. For the first few weeks make easy things like pasta, vegetables, hot dogs, eggs, or even go out to eat. Don’t over-buy and don’t over exert yourself with making fine cuisine. You’re still getting your home together; you don’t want cooking problems getting in your way.

making the best out of a seating arrangement

The dining room set is on its way, but what’ll you do in the mean time? You can try having an indoor picnic. Just lay a sheet on the ground and munch away as if you were in grassy green park. If you don’t want to eat on the floor, then you can always buy a cheap plastic fold out table with a couple of fold out chairs or stools. These items can hold you off until the real dining room set arrives. And worst comes to worst, you have an extra table and some extra chairs that you can always use – you guessed it – when you have guests over.

With these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to get comfortable in your new home even without the furnishing a new home is supposed to have.

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