Jeremy Lin Moves Off The Couch and in to the Garden

By Chad Bennett for

Jeremy Lin can now call Madison Square Garden; home. If you would’ve asked someone a month ago who Jeremy Lin was, you would’ve received a blank stare followed by a shrug of the shoulders. Today the response is an exciting yell “LINSANITY”.

Jeremy Lin

(Photo: / Jeremy Lin Fan Club)

The emergence of the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin has taken not just the NBA by storm but the entire world. Lin made his presence felt with game winning shots, high scoring games, and clutch plays  against  the best in the league.

One question that still lingers for some is, “Where did he come from?” Let Jeremy answer that question and he’ll tell you his brothers couch in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York.

You would think he was short on cash but that wasn’t the case. This season alone, Jeremy Lin has been with the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and was close to being cut from the New York Knicks before he emerged.  Nothing was for certain, so for six weeks, Lin made his brothers couch his bed until things were set in stone.

With a new contract worth almost $610K for the remainder of year, Lin is getting off the couch and moving to White Plains in a luxurious high rise better known as the Trump Tower. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s only been a month but Jeremy Lin has agreed to sublet an apartment from ex-Knickerbocker David Lee for the time being.

A source told the New York Post


“It is very common for new Knicks to stay at the Trump Tower in White Plains while they get acclimated to the city…The Knicks keep players there when they are new. Sometimes they stay; sometimes they find places on their own there.”

Athlete or not, moving to New York City can be an overwhelming situation if you are unfamiliar with the proclaimed concrete jungle. Ask around and do some of your own research on areas that might interest you.  If you have dealt with bad experiences moving in the past, don’t worry because you can become the “Jeremy Lin of moving” when you use

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