Dick Clark Dies, Moved Bandstanders for Decades

Television icon, Dick Clark of the popular American Bandstand died on Wednesday from an apparent heart attack after an outpatient procedure at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica.

Clark took over the popular American Bandstand show in 1956 hosting the world’s most popular musicians. Across the world, Dick Clark made families dance in front of their televisions.

“This guy was the best,” said singer Freddy Cannon, who appeared on “American Bandstand” 110 times. “He helped me from the very bottom of my career all through the ’80s and the ’90s, and he’s going to be missed a lot.”

Dick Clark was a savvy entrepreneur well known for introducing African-American performers to over 40 million young TV viewers across the nation. Among the first to integrate black and white teenagers through television.

In 1989, Clark made his last appearance and months later the show was cancelled. Clark went on to start his own production company and host the Annual News Years Eve celebration among several other media ventures.

For decades, Dick Clark has moved Americans from  discovering stars, breaking color barriers to New Years Eve party goers. Clark single-handedly changed pop culture and television simultaneously.

Dead at 82, Clark is survived by his wife, Kari, two sons and a daughter.

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