Certifying Your Movers

Do you feel better when you go to the Doctor’s office and you see those nicely framed diplomas right behind the Doctor’s desk? I’m sure you do. That is because those pieces of paper prove to you that this Doctor is properly trained to practice medicine. It shows you that this Doctor is certified to do his job correctly. In life, this is what we have come to expect from our professionals. They need to be skilled and trained in their profession, and they need to be certified by a governing body that everyone trusts. So when it comes to moving companies, why should there be a different expectation? Wouldn’t the customer trust you more if they knew you had the proper certification?

Moving is usually a stressful time in a person’s life. So when they set out to find a moving company, they do so with the intention of finding one they feel they can trust. To be a mover you do not need to go to college…you don’t even need to be a high school graduate. So when it comes to setting yourself apart from your competition, professional certification could be your answer. Through the AMSA Certified Packer/Loader (CPL) certification program, a moving company’s employees will learn about what it takes to become a truly exceptional moving professional. This program will instill a sense of pride in your employees while also training them in every aspect of the moving experience.

AMSA’s bi-monthly publication Direction (Sep-Oct ’14) reports that the CPL certification program, which has been around for 39 years, has been completed by 5,000 people and is recognized as a leader in the industry. So if you are a moving company looking to get an edge, consider having your staff certified by AMSA’s CPL certification program.


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