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Apartments in Our Society

Did you know that there are 35 million apartment residents in the country? Did you know that 340,000 local jobs were created by apartment construction in 2011? Did you know that this apartment construction spending had an economic impact of $42.5 Billion? Whether you are moving to an apartment  or already live in one, the […]

[Infographic] Prosperous Habits for 2013

  At Lift, we’re looking for ways to help you achieve your goals by breaking them down into simple habits that you can track. There’s no better time to reflect on your goals and your plans to meet them than at the turn of the year. When we surveyed 1,500 of you in December, we […]

Bike Movers Move Green

Have you ever heard of hiring movers that use bicycles instead of trucks? Is it even possible? Well Vic’s Moving proves that it is and it’s a new efficient way of moving for household moves. Why would a mover choose bikes over trucks for local moves? –Lower capital cost:  Instead of spending thousands on a […]

Video: Hurricane Sandy Relief – Rockaway Needs Us

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern part of the country, people are still trying to regroup. This video comes from a woman named Michelle who lives in Rockaway Beach, New York who left a voicemail on a friends phone just 3 days after the storm hit. Today, thousands are still without power, food, […]