Dick Clark Dies, Moved Bandstanders for Decades

Television icon, Dick Clark of the popular American Bandstand died on Wednesday from an apparent heart attack after an outpatient procedure at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. Clark took over the popular American Bandstand show in 1956 hosting the world’s most popular musicians. Across the world, Dick Clark made families dance in front of […]

Download: Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move Booklet

Click the image or download here Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) has created  a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move .” Your moving company is required to hand you this booklet, for several reasons: To outline your rights and what you can expect from your mover to ensure a smooth move. The […]

Jeremy Lin Moves Off The Couch and in to the Garden

By Chad Bennett for Jeremy Lin can now call Madison Square Garden; home. If you would’ve asked someone a month ago who Jeremy Lin was, you would’ve received a blank stare followed by a shrug of the shoulders. Today the response is an exciting yell “LINSANITY”. The emergence of the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin has […]

What is the USDOT and What it Means for You

What  the USDOT  is and how does it benefit you Congress established The Department of Transportation to ensure a safe, fast, and convenient transportation system. Each auto carrier that crosses state lines is given a unique identifier that monitors and collects information for audits, reviews, crash investigations and inspections. If you plan on using a long distance moving […]