Bike Movers Move Green

Have you ever heard of hiring movers that use bicycles instead of trucks? Is it even possible? Well Vic’s Moving proves that it is and it’s a new efficient way of moving for household moves.

Why would a mover choose bikes over trucks for local moves?

Lower capital cost:  Instead of spending thousands on a new truck, you can purchase 4 high quality mountain bikes for a fraction of the cost. No expense is good expense.

Minimal operating cost: There’s no expense to park, fuel, and license a bicycle.

Lower environmental footprint: Less resources needed to operate and maintain and most importantly, you keep the air clean. Go Green!

Great source of publicity: You are sure to catch the attention of bypassers when they see you riding by with a furniture on the back of your hatch.

If you were moving, would you hire one of these movers? Let us know your thoughts on Bike Movers.

Enjoy the video!

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