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Bike Movers Move Green

Have you ever heard of hiring movers that use bicycles instead of trucks? Is it even possible? Well Vic’s Moving proves that it is and it’s a new efficient way of moving for household moves. Why would a mover choose bikes over trucks for local moves? –Lower capital cost:  Instead of spending thousands on a […]

How to Move Large Furniture – Hire a Mover or Move it yourself?

Moving furniture is one of the last tasks to get tackled during a move because it is often heavy, bulky, and time consuming. For this very reason, individuals choose to hire a moving company to handle their move. If hiring a licensed mover is not in your budget, you can still handle the move on […]

Protecting Your Privacy during the Move

Protecting your privacy during a move is extremely important. Whether you are ready to move or shopping around, you should be comfortable supplying your email and phone number. Unfortunately, some companies misuse your information and the telemarketing calls become unbearable. What do you do? Set up separate accounts to handle potential unsolicited calls and manage […]

Video: Hurricane Sandy Relief – Rockaway Needs Us

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeastern part of the country, people are still trying to regroup. This video comes from a woman named Michelle who lives in Rockaway Beach, New York who left a voicemail on a friends phone just 3 days after the storm hit. Today, thousands are still without power, food, […]