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How to Pack Moving Boxes

Learn how to pack moving boxes with these 4 quick tips: Proper Grouping: Don’t pack different rooms in the same box in order to make unpacking easier. Put the heavier items at the bottom so they don’t crush lighter items during transit. Proper Protection: Use high quality packing materials to help protect your belongings. Use […]

How To Move With Children

Learn how to move with children in the family with these 3 quick tips: Have an open and honest conversation. Get them involved in the move. Help them socially after the move and make it easy for them to stay in touch with the friends they left behind. Read more in depth about the 3 […]

How to Move the Elderly

Learn how to move an elderly family member or friend with these 4 quick tips: Have the tough conversation: Gently bring up the conversation of moving and make it clear that you are there to offer your support and help. Advanced scouting of the new residence: Make sure the new residence is within a reasonable […]

Moving to Outer Space

Ever think about moving to outer space? Well, now it’s possible with the Mars One Project (by the Dutch Space Travel company) who are accepting video applications to win a spot in a colony bound for Mars. It’s good to know that we’re thinking about these things before the Aliens/Famine/Asteroid/War/etc… force us to leave this […]