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[Infographic] Ultimate Mover’s Checklist by

Are you moving and not sure where to begin? has created an infographic called ‘the Ultimate Mover’s Checklist‘ that won’t let you forget to mark off some important pieces of your move. Whether you need to cancel your gym membership, forward mail or simply get free moving quotes from, this ultimate checklist will […]

The Streets Go Social: Read and Rate Neighborhoods with Block Avenue

When it comes to moving to a new neighborhood,we may not be sure how good or bad of a neighborhood we are moving to. Sometimes reviews from family and friends can be a little skewed based on personal experience. Everyone’s personal taste in quality of life can be different when it comes to selecting a […]

January 2013: Did You know?

  Towards the end of the year, moving companies have typically been halted by the cluster of holidays surrounding this time of the year. With office closings, kids out of school, and vacation time it’s a time where no one is really looking to move. Moving companies are more likely to cut deals during this […]