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The Hoarder in Us: Signs You Could Be Hoarding

If you are preparing to move, you are probably at the point where it’s time to throw some items out. You’ve been holding on to them for years without a proper explanation as to why. You have movers who need to throw things out because they are either downsizing or find it hard to just […]

Dick Clark Dies, Moved Bandstanders for Decades

Television icon, Dick Clark of the popular American Bandstand died on Wednesday from an apparent heart attack after an outpatient procedure at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. Clark took over the popular American Bandstand show in 1956 hosting the world’s most popular musicians. Across the world, Dick Clark made families dance in front of […]

How to File a Complaint on a Moving Company

 If items are missing, broken, or you have just experienced the worst customer service imaginable, it may be necessary to file a complaint. Not knowing where to turn when you need assistance filing a complaint after a move can leave you feeling not only cheated but extremely frustrated. Those two emotions alone make you even […]

Download: Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move Booklet

Click the image or download here Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) has created  a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move .” Your moving company is required to hand you this booklet, for several reasons: To outline your rights and what you can expect from your mover to ensure a smooth move. The […]