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Moving Day Organization 101

Brought to you by our friends at Have you ever been excited about a move? Maybe you were leaving home and going to college, or moving to a new town to start working. The excitement that you have for moving to a new location can get subdued pretty quickly once you start packing. Yes, […]

Jeremy Lin Moves Off The Couch and in to the Garden

By Chad Bennett for Jeremy Lin can now call Madison Square Garden; home. If you would’ve asked someone a month ago who Jeremy Lin was, you would’ve received a blank stare followed by a shrug of the shoulders. Today the response is an exciting yell “LINSANITY”. The emergence of the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin has […]

State Fines and Shuts Down Nine Moving Companies in Washington

State regulators took action yesterday against 10 moving companies that have been operating without permits in Washington. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission fined four residential moving companies $5,000 each for operating without permits. The four companies are: Seattle-based A-1 Movers also operating as Big Movers R Us, Big Donz Moving Service and Big Don […]

What is the USDOT and What it Means for You

What  the USDOT  is and how does it benefit you Congress established The Department of Transportation to ensure a safe, fast, and convenient transportation system. Each auto carrier that crosses state lines is given a unique identifier that monitors and collects information for audits, reviews, crash investigations and inspections. If you plan on using a long distance moving […]

Lawyers Learn to Drive Trucks

If there was any better way to understand what your clients are doing in the trenches, it would be to experience it for yourself. Well a group of  Trucking Defense Lawyers decided to do just that. A group of lawyers decided to attend truck driving school in order to do their jobs better. Not only […]

Lindsay Lohan Moves Out of Venice Beach Home

By Chad Bennett for Awhile back we reported on Paris Hilton being stalked and now it seems Lindsay Lohan has a similar case. Recently, Lindsay Lohan was shaken up due to a trespasser at her Venice Beach home. It has been reported that Lindsay has decided to move out her home when a Van Line was seen […]