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Types of Moving Companies

The relocation industry is largely designed to cater to the needs of you and your family. Therefore, in order to determine what kinds of moving companies you should contact for assistance, you must first know the level of assistance that you will require. Some companies will do it all…while other movers perform more specific aspects […]

Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

What is a move? It’s not just finding a new home, it’s not just finding a moving company, and it’s not just paying loads of money to get everything done. There’s also loads and loads of packing to worry about. Minutes, hours, days, weeks; packing takes different amounts of time for different types of people […]

Tips For Moving In The Winter

Winter is different for everyone around the world, but for most, it means ice, snow, and cold. Moving in the winter may not be the most fun activity in the world, but some people have to do it. Here are some simple suggestions on how to make your next winter move easier. Dress warm This […]

3 Unknown Moving Tips

Everyone knows the regular moving tips: Research the mover, use good packing materials, have a plan, have cleaning materials ready, and the list goes on and on. But there are other tips – more obscure tips that you should know. Some of these tips may even seem obvious once you read them, but they do […]