10 Ways to Save on Your Move


The price of a move can be very expensive, so it is understandable why many people look for ways to save on their move. Here are 10 simple ways you can keep more cash in your own pockets:

  1.  DIY: There are certain things that you do not need your movers to move. For example, if you have an expensive computer to tablet, you should move that yourself. Otherwise you might be enticed to purchase extra moving insurance to cover the value of those items (in case your mover losses or breaks your valuables).
  2. Used Boxes: Instead of buying brand new boxes at a premium price, see where you can get secondhand (but reliable) boxes. A place like a supermarket may have dozens of boxes daily that they are looking to throw away and they may be happy to give them to you for no charge.
  3. Plan Ahead: A mover may charge you extra if you try to hire them close to your move date (like 2 days before). So make sure you plan ahead so you can get the best rates and shop around for the best deal.
  4. Storage Waste: Avoid using a storage unit if you can. If you only have a few things you need stored, see if a family member or friend can hold them for you.
  5. Getting What You Pay For: The best mover may not necessarily be the cheapest mover. Often, these “cheap” moves end up being more expensive when you deal with a dishonest mover who low-balls your initial cost only to increase it by the end of the move.

To read the full Top 10 list, please visit: http://www.123movers.com/moving-guides/ten-simple-ways-to-save-on-your-move/

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